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fucking up the Marauders

Uhm.. I think it would be the best if you simply don't ask what the hell I was thinking. I felt, I actually still feel, stoned. I had such fun reading a wicked fan fic, with a few other nicknames for the Marauders, and from one thing came another...

Anyway. To make it up to you for srewing up the names, I will take requests. Just tell me what name I have to put on it (can be HP related, doesn't have to) and I make one for you! =)


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Affiliates / Recources

The first post to my brandnew graphic lj! May there be many updates and lots of nice stuff =).
This post is also a start to put your nose on four important *cough* things!

1. this is also the Affiliates post.
If you want to be an affiliate with 0nlyicons, comment on this post with the name of your jounal or community.
Add me first before you comment

2. My Recourse List
This is not here, but on the info page from my personal journal : here .
If you see any stuff around here that could be made by you, just post to this comment and I will take it down or put you on the list =)

3. Rules
READ them, that's what they're for!

4. Updates
I'll try to update this journal as most and soon as possible. I do have a life however.
And I also do not need any shit about how the hell I'm talkin'. Just leave the journal if you don't like it =)